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Our Collaborators

Together We Can Do More

iDE depends on collaboration with like-minded organizations to make a true impact on the problem of global poverty.


Sustainability Logo

Sustainability is one of the most pressing issues facing the WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) sector today. All of iDE's WASH efforts focus on providing sustainable solutions through a market-based approach. To ensure sustainability gets the attention it deserves in the sector, iDE joined sustainablewash.org, a group of diverse stakeholders from academia, civil society, corporations, foundations, government, and others that have started the Three Step Sustainability process to ensure that WASH services last a lifetime.


Sustainable Sanitation Alliance

The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) is an open international network of members who share a common vision on sustainable sanitation. iDE is a proud member of this committed and forward thinking network.


CSU logo

Colorado State University's Small Engines Lab collaborated with iDE and PRACTICA on the design and development of an efficient, low-cost micro diesel engine pump for irrigation.


FIELD logo

FIELD is being designed to become a comprehensive online information resource and networking tool for the international community working on innovation and product development in small-scale agricultural technologies. iDE's technologies are a primary source for the FIELD site.


GEOGraphics logo

The GEO/Graphics team is involved in the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Environmental, and Data Management efforts for iDE's RPI project. GEO/Graphics also creates and manages the Rural Prosperity Initiative (RPI) project's GIS mapping.


GFI logo

iDE partnered with Global Fairness Initiative to distribute 5000 micro irrigation kits to smallholder farmers in Nicaragua through its 2011 BeFair campaign.


IDEO logo

iDE collaborated with the design firm IDEO to create the Human Centered Design toolkit in order to help organizations that work on agriculture better listen to farmers, and better translate their experience and expertise into new design solutions.


IMWI logo

iDE works in partnership with IWMI on a project to provide investors, policy-makers, and implementers with concrete knowledge and tools to make agricultural water management (AWM) interventions more successful in terms of impact, scale, and efficiency. Several large-scale studies focus on iDE farmers, and highlight the potential of AWM for prosperity creation.


KBE logo

Keller-Bliesner Engineering LLC (KBE) has guided the development of iDE's low-cost drip, two configurations of iDE's sprinkle irrigation technology (IDEal Rain), and begun the development of the piped mini-surface IDEal Row irrigation system. KBE also supported research and testing of materials for affordable water storage systems, including header tanks for drip systems.


MEDA logo

MEDA works closely with iDE and partner organizations in Ethiopia, Nepal, Vietnam, and Zambia, providing input to ensure financing along the value chains, and developing innovative models for market access, finance delivery, technology distribution, and production/support service development.



PRACTICA has partnered with iDE to work on development and design of at least six of the proposed thirteen technologies for the Rural Prosperity Initiative (RPI) project. Well-drilling, rope pump, solar pump, deep set pump, micro diesel pump, and wind pump.


Stanford University logo
Stanford University's longest running collaboration with iDE has resulted in a new lighting company, new suction pumps, and pressure pumps—all being used by farmers—as well as a water storage bag and deep-lift pump which are well on their way to launching. Stanford also works with iDE Ethiopia to help rural women produce and use more efficient cooking fuel, and on a system for improved pepper processing that will allow more efficient processing and increased income for farmers.

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