National iDE Organizations

iDE Canada

iDE Canada is responsible for outreach and fundraising activities in Canada, oversight of projects funded with Canadian resources, and support for iDE program development.

iDE Canada is grateful for the generous support of hundreds of individual donors, private foundations, corporations and government, including the Manitoba Government and the Canadian International Development Agency.
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iDE UK is the UK affiliate of the iDE family. A UK registered charity with an office in London, iDE UK undertakes fundraising and programme development with UK and European partners and the public in support of the iDE mission.

iDE UK also works to increase awareness and understanding of the unique work of iDE amongst UK and European policy makers and the public, to enable iDE's work to have a wider impact and influence.
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iDE Product Catalog
Information about all of our affordable water technologies
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Treadle Pump
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Drip Irrigation
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Rope Pump
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Water Storage Systems
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