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Success Stories

"Turbocharging" Farm Business Advisors

iDE & RLG International
A worldwide organization of performance improvement specialists helps iDE take Farm Business Advisors to the next level. Learn more >


Microfinance in Rural Zambia

iDE partners with a Zambian microfinance organization to develop loan products for smallholder farmers. Learn more >


iDE Honduras Introduces Drip Irrigation

Prosperity From Crop Diversity
Drip irrigation allows Honduran farmers to grow better, more diverse crops. Learn more >

iDE Cambodia's Farm Business Advisor Program

A New Path to Entrepreneurship
An innovative program in Cambodia is recognized with a major award. Learn more >

Veronica Builds a House... with Tomatoes

A Dramatic Impact After One Season
Using income earned from her first tomato crop, Veronica Sianchenga built a new house, and sent all her children to school. Learn more >


iDE Bangladesh at 25 Years

A Quarter Century of Growing Incomes
September 2009 marks the 25th Anniversary of the founding of iDE Bangladesh, our longest running active country program. Learn more >


The Promise of Water and Work

Rope Pumps and Affordable Wells with Asian Drilling Method
In January 2009, iDE brought two consultants from Nepal to Ethiopia to introduce an efficient and affordable alternative to using scarce mechanical well-drilling equipment. Learn more >

Irrigating Premium Coffee

A Path to Income for Latin American Farmers
iDE has realized that micro irrigation can enable more poor farmers to grow high value coffee in cooperative settings where it can be collected and sold to global markets for higher prices. Learn more >

A Great Success in Zambia

Treadle Pumping Tirelessly
The Mwanza brothers spent seven hours a day treadle pumping to irrigate a selection of crops using organic fertilizers from manure and compost to minimize costs. Learn more >

iDE Product Catalog
Information about all of our affordable water technologies
Download now (PDF, 3.2 MB)
Treadle Pump
Learn more >
Drip Irrigation
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Rope Pump
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Water Storage Systems
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